Masters Programs

B.A./M.I.A. (BA/MIA)

B.A./M.P.P. (BA/MPP)

B.S./M.S. (BS/MS)

Master of Advanced Studies (MAS)

Master of Arts (MA)

Master of Business Administration (MBA)

Master of Chinese Economic and Political Affairs (MCEPA)

Master of Data Science (MDS)

Master of Education (MEd)

Master of Engineering (MEng)

Master of Finance (MF)

Master of Fine Arts (MFA)

Master of International Affairs (MIA)

Master of Professional Accountancy (MPAc)

Master of Public Health (MPH)

Master of Public Policy (MPP)

Master of Science (MS)

Aerospace Engineering (MC75)

Applied Electromagnetics (EC92)

Applied Mechanics (MC76)

Applied Ocean Science (EC75)

Applied Ocean Science (MC78)

Applied Physics (EC76)

Bioengineering (BE75)

Bioengineering with a Medical Specialization (BE82)

Biostatistics (PB76)

Business Analytics (RS87)

Business Analytics (Flex) (RS92)

Chemical Engineering (CE75)

Chemistry & Biochemistry (CH75)

Communication Theory and Systems (EC77)

Computational Science, Mathematics and Engineering (CU75)

Computational Social Science (CT75)

Computer Engineering (EC79)

Computer Engineering (CS76)

Computer Science (CS75)

Data Science (MS) (DS75)

Drug Development and Product Management (PH77)

Earth Sciences (SI80)

Electronic Circuits and Systems (EC78)

Engineering Physics (MC80)

Geotechnical Engineering (SE82)

Intelligence Systems, Robotics and Control (EC80)

Machine Learning and Data Science (EC93)

Marine Biology (SI81)

Materials Science (MS76)

Mechanical Engineering (MC81)

Medical Devices and Systems (EC90)

Medical Imaging (EC95)

Nanoengineering (NA75)

Nanoscale Devices and Systems (EC86)

Oceanography (SI82)

Photonics (EC81)

Signal and Image Processing (EC82)

Statistics (MA77)

Structural Engineering (SE75)

Structural Engineering with Specialization in Health Monitoring and Non-Destructive Evaluation (SE81)