Doctoral Programs

Doctor of Audiology (AuD)

Doctor of Education (EdD)

Doctor of Musical Arts (DMA)

Doctor of Philosophy (PhD)

Aerospace Engineering (MC75)

Anthropology (AN75)

Applied Electromagnetics (EC92)

Applied Mechanics (MC76)

Applied Ocean Science (EC75)

Applied Ocean Science (MC78)

Applied Physics (EC76)

Art History, Art Practice (VA77)

Art History, Theory and Criticism (VA76)

Astronomy (PY83)

Bioengineering (BE75)

Bioinformatics and Systems Biology (BF76)

Biology (BI78)

Biology (BI77)

Biomedical Sciences (BS75)

Biophysics (PY75)

Biostatistics (PB77)

Chemical Engineering (CE75)

Chemistry (CH76)

Chemistry & Biochemistry (CH75)

Clinical Psychology (CY75)

Cognitive Science (CG75)

Communication (CM75)

Communication Theory and Systems (EC77)

Computer Engineering (EC79)

Computer Engineering (CS76)

Computer Science (CS75)

Data Science (PhD) (DS76)

Drama and Theatre (Joint Ph.D.) (TH76)

Earth Sciences (SI76)

Economics (EN75)

Education (Ph.D.) (ED82)

Electronic Circuits and Systems (EC78)

Engineering Physics (MC80)

Engineering Sciences/Bioengineering (BE79)

Engineering Sciences/Electrical and Computer Engineering (EC87)

Engineering Sciences/Structural Engineering (SE77)

Ethnic Studies (ET75)

Experimental Psychology (PC81)

Geophysics (SI79)

History (HI75)

Intelligence Systems, Robotics and Control (EC80)

Interdisciplinary Research on Substance Use (SU75)

Joint Doctoral Program: Engineering Sciences/Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering (MC84)

Language and Communicative Disorders (LC75)

Linguistics (LN75)

Literature (LT77)

Machine Learning and Data Science (EC93)

Management (RS79)

Marine Biology (SI77)

Materials Science (MS76)

Mathematics (MA76)

Mathematics and Science Education (ME75)

Mechanical Engineering (MC81)

Medical Devices and Systems (EC90)

Medical Imaging (EC95)

Music (MU75)

Nanoengineering (NA75)

Nanoscale Devices and Systems (EC86)

Neurosciences (NE75)

Oceanography (SI78)

Philosophy (PL75)

Photonics (EC81)

Physics (PY76)

Political Science (PS75)

Political Science and International Affairs (PS76)

Public Health -- Epidemiology (PB79)

Public Health -- Global Health (PB81)

Public Health -- Health Behavior (PB80)

Signal and Image Processing (EC82)

Sociology (SO75)

Structural Engineering (SE75)