Areas of Study

Data Science

Division of Arts and Humanities

Division of Biological Sciences

Division of Physical Sciences

Division of Social Sciences

Anthropology (AN75)

Cognitive Science (CG75)

Communication (CM75)

Computational Social Science (CT75)

Economics (EN75)

Education (M.A. Teaching and Learning - Bilingual Education/ASL) (ED76)

Education (M.Ed. with Credential Prep MS-1 Sum: Educational Foundations Multiple Subject/Summer Intensive) - Summer (ED78)

Education (M.Ed. with Credential Prep MS-2: Professional Year leading to a Preliminary Multiple Subject Credential) - Fall (ED78)

Education (M.Ed. with Credential Prep SS-1: Educational Foundations Single Subject/Full Year) - Fall (ED78)

Education (M.Ed. with Credential Prep SS-2: Professional Year leading to a Preliminary Single Subject Credential) - Summer (ED78)

Education (Ph.D.) (ED82)

Educational Leadership (Joint EdD) (ED81)

Ethnic Studies (ET75)

Experimental Psychology (PC81)

Global Health (GH75)

Language and Communicative Disorders (LC75)

Latin American Studies (LA76)

Linguistics (LN75)

Political Science (PS75)

Political Science and International Affairs (PS76)

Political Science/International Affairs (PS33)

Sociology (SO75)

Health Sciences

Herbert Wertheim School of Public Health and Human Longevity Science

Jacobs School of Engineering

Aerospace Engineering (MC75)

Applied Electromagnetics (EC92)

Applied Mechanics (MC76)

Applied Ocean Science (EC75)

Applied Ocean Science (MC78)

Applied Physics (EC76)

Architecture-Based Enterprise Systems Engineering (MC90)

Bioengineering (BE75)

Bioengineering with a Medical Specialization (BE82)

Bioengineering with a Specialization in Medical Device Engineering (BE83)

Bioinformatics and Systems Biology (BF76)

Chemical Engineering (CE75)

Communication Theory and Systems (EC77)

Computer Engineering (CS76)

Computer Engineering (EC79)

Computer Science (CS75)

Data Science and Engineering (CS85)

Electronic Circuits and Systems (EC78)

Engineering Physics (MC80)

Engineering Sciences/Bioengineering (BE79)

Engineering Sciences/Electrical and Computer Engineering (EC87)

Engineering Sciences/Structural Engineering (SE77)

Geotechnical Engineering (SE82)

Intelligence Systems, Robotics and Control (EC80)

Joint Doctoral Program: Engineering Sciences/Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering (MC84)

Machine Learning and Data Science (EC93)

Materials Science (MS76)

Mechanical Engineering (MC81)

Medical Devices and Systems (EC90)

Medical Imaging (EC95)

Nanoengineering (NA75)

Nanoscale Devices and Systems (EC86)

Photonics (EC81)

Signal and Image Processing (EC82)

Structural Engineering (SE75)

Structural Engineering with Specialization in Health Monitoring and Non-Destructive Evaluation (SE81)

Wireless Embedded Systems - Computer Science and Engineering Track (CS84)

Wireless Embedded Systems - Electrical and Computer Engineering Track (EC89)

Rady School of Management

School of Global Policy and Strategy

Scripps Institution of Oceanography